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social media and seo are great, but fresh content is key to keep you in the rankings and educating customers. we offer spanish and english blogs, articles, and more.

blogs, articles, you name it

content writing

Content is crucial to giving your website an edge over your competitors. Articles and blogs help to add fresh material to your pages making serach engines crawl them again and recognize you more often.


Content also helps to give value to your customers , if you have relevant information popping up on your website, especailly consistently, it gives them more reason to come back. We know you want to do your own writing, we always feel that way, but we also know that adding a weekly article to your tasks can get crazy. That's why we offer blogging packages!


Anything we write is done with SEO in mind. Our articles are visually pleasing, relevant, consitant, and keyword optimized, if you are going that route.


Our favorite niches are travelling and freelancing, obviously, but we do everything from finance to medical and e-commerce.


We also give special deals if you want the content in both English and Spanish. No, Google won't penalize for "duplicate content" but don't trust that translator widget  when it comes to trying to sell your products in another language! Get a native speaker to edit and optimize to double your reach.



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