copywriting & translation for those with a multilingual target audience

Few people realize who their target audience actually is. If they do, they usually don't know where to go next, especially if the majority of their potential customers speak another language. 


Copywriting, writing the text or advertorials and such. Copy also includes websites and other areas, like profiles, and those are where we like to focus.


Along with adding keywords to your website, we also write it to look good.  A text should be easy to read and follow. Call-to-Actions point your customers in the direction to buy, and the more content there is, the easier it is for your content to rank.


Like the look of ours? That is the quality you get.


To spice it up a little, we implement our own practices and techniques in both of your target languages. Yes, the translate widgets are actually pretty good (some of them) but we've all come across that website before that was clearly not written by a native speaker. Would you keep reading and buying? Personally, that's a choice, but we woudn't. Why not make it easy from the start and not lose customers over poor content?


No grammar mistakes, misspelled words, unclear content, directional confusion, inconsistancy, the list goes on, and that is what we are all about.


SEO can be implemented almost anywhere from product descriptions to social media marketing. Standing for Search Engine Optimization SEO means that you are making sure you get found on Google's search results, hopefully towards the top! While this means putting keywords in your articles and websites to get found faster, it doesn't ensure your customers are actually going to read your article or look at your posts, let alone buy. If you aren't targeting correctly, or an article is so full of grammar mistakes that it isn't worth reading, then those laeds aren't going to turn into sales and your ROI, return of investment, goes way down.


What we do is look over all of your services, products, go through your marketing channels and platforms, and look to see exactly what it is we think you need, the strategies we would use, an dthen we tell you how to implemment them. Each project is differnet, so we can't necessarily give you exact specifics until we do our analysis. We'll start with a quick glance and a phone call for free if you are wondering if we have some ideas about your problem areas.