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SEO can be implemented almost anywhere from product descriptions to social media marketing. Standing for Search Engine Optimization SEO means that you are making sure you get found on Google's search results, hopefully towards the top! While this means putting keywords in your articles and websites to get found faster, it doesn't ensure your customers are actually going to read your article or look at your posts, let alone buy. If you aren't targeting correctly, or an article is so full of grammar mistakes that it isn't worth reading, then those leads aren't going to turn into sales and your ROI, return on investment, goes way down.


What we do is look over all of your services, products, go through your marketing channels and platforms, and look to see exactly what it is we think you need, the strategies we would use, and then we tell you how to implement them.


Each project is different, so we can't necessarily give you exact specifics until we do our analysis. We'll start with a quick glance and a phone call for free if you'd like to see what ideas we have to address your problem areas.

off page seo services 

Off page seo services

So, you've heard you should have keywords and implement SEO practices on your website, but do you realize that off-page SEO is a thing?  Off-page refers to a whole bunch of off-site content optimization such as your social media profiles and other external sites that point back to yours.


For example, let's say you are an aspiring restauranteur in a buzzing metropolis. You may have a great site going on with a consistent blog, but you aren't getting quite the exposure because you are new to the game.


How do we help? We find a relevant blog in the local area (with more traffic than yours) that we write you a guest article for. This article will talk about you, your amazingness, why customers should come to you and, more importantly, like directly back to your site.


This is an off-page SEO. More exposure for you and your site. These articles aren't quite as easy to do because we have to do some research to find the best place that will let us guest post. We take the time to do this, unlike sites that offer you packages for cheap. they might give you a backlink, but that doesn't mean its a good one!  

social media Marketing

Social media, we either love it or we hate it, either way, once you get busy, even if you like doing those daily posts, eventually they become a little much.


We streamline the process and help you to narrow down best practices, strategies, and then where to go from there.


We also offer to consult and teach you how to implement SEO into all of your social media. Did you know that you can add hashtags to your Instagram profile now? That your LinkedIn job Titles actually count towards your keywords? Or that Pinterest board names show up in search results?


These are just a few of the techniques we like to employ when optimizing profiles and coming up with strategies and ideas. Each link that points back to your site is just another notch up the rankings.


Think of yourself as the stage. Every platform and link is a light pointing at you. Let's make your stage shine!  

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